photo 3 (2)How do I know when my roof needs re-roofing?

When you see loads of lead straps (the tags that hold the slates into the roof) on the roof and every year you are having to have repairs done.

The nail may also have decayed (this is noticeable by the fact that the nail heads are no longer there and more obviously, you will see that your slates have slipped.

I’m told the slates themselves need to be replaced – Could this be true?

Slates do degrade over time especially in exposed coastal areas like Blackpool. Slates should be checked to look for cracks and splits running across the middle as this is generally the most vulnerable part as the top and bottom areas are supported by roofing battens.

photo 4 (2)I’d like to use foam to help insulate the inside of my roof. Is this a good idea?

Paul advises against the use of foam for insulation of roofs as this proves difficult to remove in the event of repair to a roof. Furthermore it prevents the future reuse of the tiles or slates, possibly landing you with a costly replacement.

Should I use tile or slate clips?

Given the weather condition experienced by the Fylde coast, exposed and vulnerable properties could benefit from the use of tile/slate clips for extra grip and security.

photo 2 (4)Can I paint my plastic guttering

Paul would advice against this as the paint cracks when the gutter expands in the heat and shrinks in winter and ultimately will peel off, looking very tatty.

How do I keep seagulls and other birds away from my chimney stacks?

These birds nest between March and June and can be unsightly, noisy and annoying. Paul recommends cementing spikes in between the pots. This stops the birds from nesting. Especially seagulls.

My ridges look like they are loose. And there are gaps and cement missing from the ridges?

Usually you will knock out all the old cement and re-point if the ridges are solid and well bedded.
If the ridges aren’t well-bedded, it is strongly recommended that all ridges are removed and rebedded and repointed.

If you have a question that you’d like to ask Paul please feel free to do so.